Lolita Tapería is the consequence and transformation of Inopia Classic Bar located in Barcelona with the same owner at the front, Joan Martínez, who continues the line of the previous project with the same philosophy of the best product based on excellent raw materials, all into a funny environment.

Lolita Tapería is a bar, a vermouthery (on Saturdays at noon), a restaurant and a bistro (word of russian precedence which means 'quick' referring to a local place where traditional food is served). In Lolita Tapería you can have tapas, take a few wines and enjoy a meal at the bar or in our shared table reserved for groups (from 4 up to 12 people). We have an extensive menu of traditional tapas, small snacks, denunciation of spanish wines, good cava, Moritz (the beer of the neighborhood), and hints for everyone. Besides, we have recently opened a terrace area with 4 tables and 12 chairs to enjoy outdoors all the charm of your moments in Lolita.

And for those who still do not have enough, at midnight Lolita becomes a suggestive night bar of drinks
and cocktails with the best selecion of liquors and a beer variety and local and international wines.

Lolita Tapería and the group that makes up our team, try to have fun while enjoying their work to make customers and friends visiting us having a big time to remember, and make this corner of the district of Sant Antoni a place with 'duende'.

We are open: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7PM to 12PM, Fridays and Saturdays from 1PM to 4PM and from 7PM to 2:30AM.

A short tasty walk through the tapas of Lolita

Some of our galleries of the different events at Lolita Tapería.

  • "Lolita de Copas" opening
  • Paco Pil visits Lolita Tapería
  • Carnaval, the 70's are back!
  • Joan and Pere are 40!
  • Esperanza Cortés en Directo
  • DJ RobertX en Directo
  • Halloween Party
  • Anna And The Bananas
  • Jeremy Norris at Lolita!
  • Carnaval 2012
  • @Natalie Ya estuvimos hace unos años cuando era Inopia y nos pareció genial el cambio!
  • @Marta B Estuvimos el fin de semana pasado y nos encantó. Seguid así!
  • @Carles Bardí Enhorabona per la web! Ens sembla molt creativa i original. En breu us farem una visita!
  • @David GP Back from our trip to Barcelona, we've checked your website. As great as the food!
  • @Víctor Pons El vídeo de presentació espectacular! Representa totalment l'ambient del local. Lolita forever! Tornarem.
  • @Noèlia Medina Us vaig llegir al Periódico i em va picar la curiositat, aviat ens hi trobareu segur. Salut.
  • @Tony Springfield Nice site guys, we'll be there soon.
  • @Carla Fortuny Genial la decoració, l'ambient i sobretot les tapes. Hi tornarem pel meu aniversari ara que sabem que teniu taula gran!
  • @Michael P Enjoyed so much our dinner there guys. Big up specially to Gorka who made us laugh a lot!
  • @Eugeni Barull Sou molt grans!
  • @Pedro Garcia Me han hablado de Lolita y os he buscado por Google. Visto tanto la web como los videos de youtube, no puedo esperar a saborear vuestras tapas. Hasta pronto.
  • @Txarli Bona teca, bona gent i bona música! hi tornarem segur.
  • @David Amat Ens van quedar tantes tapes per tastar... fins la propera!
  • @Berta Genial la nueva carta. Siempre que volvemos nos sorprenden con algo nuevo. Siempre es un placer...
  • @Danielle Carpentier Très bon website. Muy bueno Lolita!
  • @Lucas Bárbaras las albóndigas y el trinchat de la sardaña... y de postre nos encontramos con una sesionaza de buena electrónica!
  • @Xavi Arroyo Per quan un nou Consell de l'Oriol?
  • @Marieta O Tuvimos que esperar un poco en la puerta pero mereció la pena. El chico de la puerta muy amable nos alojó en una barra exterior bastante confortable. Una vez dentro, deliciosas las tapas especialmente la pulga de jamón serrano. Volveremos.
  • @Peter Hi form Finland! Amazing website! Congrats to the designer.
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For further information:
Tamarit, 104 · local 2-4
08015 · Barcelona
(St. Antoni)
(West Eixample)
Tel.: 93 424 52 31